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Steamboat Willie (film)Steel and America (film)Steel Chariots (television)Steele, TommySteenburgen, MarySteeplechase, The (film)Steiner, RonnieStella (film)Step Up (film)Step Up 2 the Streets (film)Step Up 3D (film)Stephanie Miller Show, The (television)Stephen King’s Desperation (television)Stephen King’s Kingdom Hospital (television)Stepparents: Where Is the Love? (film)Steps Toward Maturity and Health (film)Stepsister from Planet Weird (television)StepsistersStern, DanielStern, Robert A. M.Steven Banks Show, The (television)Stevens, ArtStevens, FisherStevenson, RobertStewart, NicodemusStick It (film)Stiers, David OgdenStill Not Quite Human (television)Still Star-Crossed (television)Still the Beaver (television)Still Waters (film)StitchStitch EncounterStitch! The MovieStitch’s Great EscapeStitchers (television)Stock, DisneyStockwell, GuyStockwell, HarryStokowski, LeopoldStollery, DavidStone, SharonStop that Tank (film)Storey, MargeneStorm Called Maria, A (television)Stormalong BayStormRiderStorms (film)Stormy; the Thoroughbred with an Inferiority Complex (film)Story Book ShopStory of Anyburg, U.S.A., The (film)Story of Dogs, A (television)Story of Donald Duck, TheStory of Frozen, The: Making a Disney Animated ClassicStory of Menstruation, The (film)Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, The (film)Story of the Animated Drawing, The (television)Story of the Silly Symphony, The (television)StoryboardsStorybook CircusStorybook Land Canal BoatsStorybook ShoppeStorybook Store, TheStorybook TheaterStoryhouse StageStorytellersStoyanov, MichaelStraight Shooters (film)Straight Story, The (film)Straight Talk (film)Strange Companions (television)Strange Magic (film)Strange Monster of Strawberry Cove, The (television)Strange World (film)Stranger Among Us, A (film)Strassman, MarciaStreep, MerylStreet Safe, Street Smart (film)StreetmosphereStreets of AmericaStromboliStrongest Man in the World, The (film)Stub, the Best Cowdog in the West (television)Stuck in the Middle (television)Stuck in the Suburbs (television)Student Exchange (television)StudioStudio Backlot TourStudio Catering Co.Studio Pizzeria, TheStudio ShowcaseStudio Tram Tour: Behind the MagicStumptown (television)Style and Substance (television)Submarine VoyageSuite Life Movie, The (television)Suite Life of Zack & Cody, The (television)Suite Life on Deck, The (television)Suited for the Sea (film)Sullivan, Bill (“Sully”)SultanSultan and the Rock Star (television)Sultan’s OasisSummer (film)Summer Magic (film)Summer of Sam (film)Summer of the Monkeys (film)Sun Bank BuildingSun WheelSunday Drive (television)Sunkist “I Presume”Sunkist Citrus HouseSunnyside CaféSunnyside MarketSunrise Terrace RestaurantSunset BoulevardSunset Club CoutureSunset Ranch MarketSunset ShowcaseSunshine PavilionSunshine Season Food FairSunshine Tree TerraceSuper Buddies (film)Super Ducktales (television)Super GoofSuper Mario Bros. (film)Super Rhino (film)Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! (television)SupercalifragilisticexpialidociousSuperdad (film)Superstar Goofy (television)Superstar LimoSuperStar TelevisionSupply (film)Surprise Celebration ParadeSurprise DaySurreysSurrogates (film)Survival in Nature (television)Survival of Sam the Pelican, The (television)SusieSusie, the Little Blue Coupe (film)SüssigkeitenSutherland, DonaldSutherland, KieferSutherland, MarkSwamp Fox, The (Episode 1): Birth of the Swamp Fox (television)Swamp Fox, The (Episode 2): Brother Against Brother (television)Swamp Fox, The (Episode 3): Tory Vengeance (television)Swamp Fox, The (Episode 4): Day of Reckoning (television)Swamp Fox, The (Episode 5): Redcoat Strategy (television)Swamp Fox, The (Episode 6): A Case of Treason (television)Swamp Fox, The (Episode 7): A Woman’s Courage (television)Swamp Fox, The (Episode 8): Horses for Greene (television)SwampySwap, The (television)Swayze, PatrickSweatbox, The (film)Sweeney, AnneSweeney, BobSweeney, D.B.Sweet Home Alabama (film)Sweet SpellsSweethearts ConfectionerySwenson, KarlSwift, DavidSwing Kids (film)Swing Vote (film)Swiss Family Robinson (film)Swiss Family TreehouseSwit, LorettaSwitch, The (film)Switched at Birth (television)Switching Goals (television)Switzerland (film)Sword and the Rose, The (film)Sword in the Stone Ceremony, TheSword in the Stone, The (film)Sydney to the Max (television)SykesSymbiosis (film)Symphony Hour (film)Symphony in the Stars: A Galactic SpectacularSymposium on Popular Songs, A (film)