Swing Kids (film)

Swing Kids (film) In 1939, German youths Peter and Thomas enjoy American swing music, despite its illegality under Hitler’s regime. Hitler’s harsh discipline which crushes individuality is sweeping Germany as the country prepares for full-scale war, and the two friends fight to remain loyal to their music. But soon Thomas is drawn into the Hitler Youth, absorbing Nazi principles and growing antagonistic toward his still independent friend Peter. A Nazi official takes an interest in Peter’s family, and talks Peter into joining the Hitler Youth also. For a brief time, Peter and Thomas believe they can have it all—Hitler Youth by day and Swing Kids by night. When a mutual friend, Arvid, who has remained a rebel, commits suicide after being badly beaten by Nazis, Peter realizes he cannot live contrary to his conscience. He rebels and is arrested. Released on March 5, 1993. Directed by Thomas Carter. A Hollywood Picture. 114 min. Stars Christian Bale (Thomas), Robert Sean Leonard (Peter), Frank Whaley (Arvid), Barbara Hershey (Frau Muller). Musical score by James Horner. Kenneth Branagh played an uncredited role as the Nazi official. Since Germany has changed drastically over the years, the filmmakers turned instead to the Czech Republic, and filmed in a studio and on location in Prague. Released on video in 1993.