P.U.N.K.S. (television)PabloPablo and the Dancing Chihuahua (television)Pacific Electric PicturesPacific Station (television)Pacific Wharf CaféPacifically Peeking (television)Pacifier, The (film)Pacino, AlPack Mules Through Nature’s WonderlandPaddlefishPage, GeraldinePaint the NightPair of Kings, A (television)Pal MickeyPalace PetsPalivoda, ArmandPalm Golf CoursePalmer, LilliPalmer, Norman “Stormy”Paltrow, GwynethPampolina, DamonPan Galactic Pizza PortPancake RacesPanchitoPanchito’s Gifts and SundriesPancho, the Fastest Paw in the West (television)Pandora —The World of AvatarPangani Forest Exploration TrailPantry Pirate (film)Pants on Fire (television)Papeete Bay VerandahPaperinoPaperman (film)Parade of the Award Nominees (film)Paradise (film)Paradise Garden GrillParadise Gardens Park Paradise PierParadise Pier Hotel, Disney’sParent Trap Hawaiian Honeymoon (television)Parent Trap II, The (television)Parent Trap III (television)Parent Trap, The (film, 1998)Parent Trap, The (film)Park, TomParker Bros.Parker, FessParker, Mark GParker, Sarah JessicaParsons, KellyPart of Your WorldPartly Cloudy (film)PartnersPartners Federal Credit UnionParty Central (film)Party Gras GiftsParty Gras ParadeParty Tilyadrop Tour, The (film)Party, ThePartysaurus Rex (film)Passed Away (film)Pasta Piazza RistorantePastoral Symphony, ThePastry PalacePath to 9/11, The (television)Patinkin, MandyPatrick, ButchPatriot, The (film)Patten, LuanaPaul Bunyan (film)Pauper King, The (television)Pavilion GiftsPaxton, BillPay-TVPayant, GillesPaying the Price (film)Paymer, DavidPays des Contes de Fées, LePB&J Otter (television)Pearl Harbor (film)Pearson, RidleyPecos Bill (film)Pecos Bill CafePeculiar Penguins (film)Pedro (film)Pee Wees vs. City Hall, The (television)Peet, BillPegPelican and the Snipe, The (film)Pélisson, GillesPendleton Woolen Mills Dry Goods StorePendleton, KarenPenguins (film)Penguins: Life on the Edge (film)Penn Zero: Part-Time Hero (television)Pennsylvania Miners’ Story, The (television)PennyPenny ArcadePeople and PlacesPeople and Places—Tiburon, Sardinia, Morocco, Icebreakers (television)People Like Us (film)People of the Desert (television)People on Market Street, The (film)PeopleMoverPepper Ann (television)Pepper MarketPepper, John E., Jr.Perception (television)Percival McLeachPercyPerditaPeregoy, WaltPerfect American, The
Perfect Game (film)Perfect Harmony (television)Perfect Isn’t EasyPerilous Assignment (television)Perils of a Homesick Steer, The (television)Perkins, AnthonyPerkins, ElizabethPerkins, LesPerrault, CharlesPerri (film)PersephonePersoff, NehemiahPests of the West (film)Pet Store, The (film)Petal to the Metal (film)PetePete’s Dragon (film 2016)Pete’s Dragon (film)Peter and the StarcatchersPeter and the Wolf (film)Peter Pan (film)Peter Pan & Wendy (film)Peter Pan Story, The (film)Peter Pan’s FlightPeter PenguinPeter Tchaikovsky Story, The (television)Peters, BrockPetersen, PaulPetit Café, LePetit Train du Cirque, LePfeiffer, MichellePfeiffer, WaltPhantom BoatsPhantom ManorPhantom of the Megaplex (television)Phenomenon (film)Phenomenon II (television)Phil of the Future (television)Philbin, RegisPhilippePhillips, FrankPhiloctetesPhineas and Ferb (television)Phineas and Ferb the Movie: Across the 2nd Dimension (television)Phineas and Ferb The Movie: Candace Against the Universe (TV)Phineas and Ferb: Agent P’s World Showcase AdventurePhineas and Ferb: Mission Marvel (television)Phineas and Ferb: Star Wars (television)Phipps, WilliamPhoebusPhoenix, JoaquinPhysical Fitness (film)Physical Fitness and Good Health (film)Pick of the LitterPickens, SlimPickett Suite ResortPickett, CindyPickle and Peanut (television)Picnic, The (film)Pidgeon, WalterPied Piper, The (film)Piekarski, JuliePierce, Bradley MichaelPierce, David HydePigeon that Worked a Miracle, The (television)PigletPiglet’s Big Movie (film)Pigs Is Pigs (film)Pin tradingPinchot, BronsonPine, ChrisPinocchioPinocchio (film)Pinocchio (film)Pinocchio Village HausPinocchio: A Lesson in Honesty (film)Pinocchio’s Daring JourneyPinocchio’s Village KitchenPintel & Ragetti’s Grub to GrabPioneer Days (film)Pioneer HallPioneer Trails, Indian Lore and Bird Life of the Plains (film)Piper (film)Pirate Fairy, The (film)Pirate GalleonPirate’s Adventure, A: Treasures of the Seven SeasPirates League, ThePirates of the CaribbeanPirates of the Caribbean – Battle for the Sunken TreasurePirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (film)Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (film)Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales (film)Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides (film)Pirates of the Caribbean: Tales of the Code: WedlockedPirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (film)Pirates’ BeachPirouettes de Vieux Moulin, LesPixar Animation StudiosPixar in Real Life (television)Pixar Pal-A-Round Pixar Pier Pixar PlacePixar Short Films Collection (film)Pixar Story, The (film)Pixel Perfect (television)Pizza Oom Mow MowPizza Planet ArcadePizza PontePizzafariPizzeria Bella NottePizzeRizzoPJs, The (television)Place, Mary KayPlane Crazy
Plane Crazy (film)Planes (film)Planes: Fire & Rescue (film)Planet HollywoodPlanet MPlanning for Good Eating (film)Plantation ParkPlastics Inventor, The (film)Platt, OliverPlausible Impossible, The (television)Play It to the Bone (film)PlaydomPlayful Pan (film)Playful Pluto (film)Playground Fun (film)Playhouse Disney – Live on StagePlayhouse Disney Live! on TourPlaying God (film)Playing Mona Lisa (film)Plaza East and Plaza West BoutiquesPlaza Gardens RestaurantPlaza InnPlaza PavilionPlaza RestaurantPlaza Swan BoatsPlazma Ray’s DinerPleasence, DonaldPleasure IslandPleshette, SuzannePlight of the Bumble Bee (film)Plowboy, The (film)Plowright, JoanPloyardt, JohnPlumb, EdPlume et PalettePlummer, ChristopherPlutoPluto (devil)Pluto and His Friends (television)Pluto and the Armadillo (film)Pluto and the Baby (film)Pluto and the Gopher (film)Pluto at the Zoo (film)Pluto Gets the Paper: Spaceship (film)Pluto, Junior (film)Pluto’s Blue Note (film)Pluto’s Christmas Tree (film)Pluto’s Day (television)Pluto’s Dream House (film)Pluto’s Fledgling (film)Pluto’s Heart Throb (film)Pluto’s Housewarming (film)Pluto’s Judgement Day (film)Pluto’s Kid Brother (film)Pluto’s Party (film)Pluto’s Playmate (film)Pluto’s Purchase (film)Pluto’s Quin-Puplets (film)Pluto’s Surprise Package (film)Pluto’s Sweater (film)Plutopia (film)Plymouth (television)Pocahontas (film)Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (film)Pocahontas Indian VillagePoem Is…, APoint of Honor (television)Pointer, The (film)Poitier, SidneyPolar Bear (film)Polar Trappers (film)Police Station, The (film)Pollard, Michael J.Pollatschek, SusannePolley, SarahPolly (television)Polly PenguinPolly—Comin’ Home (television)Pollyanna (film)PoloPolynesian ResortPolynesian RevuePolynesian Terrace RestaurantPompano GrillPongoPony FarmPonyo (film)Pooch and the Pauper, The (television)Poof Point, The (television)Pooh CornerPooh’s Grand Adventure: The Search for Christopher Robin (film)Pooh’s Great School Bus Adventure (film)Pooh’s Heffalump Halloween Movie (film)Pooh’s Heffalump Movie (film)Pooh’s Hunny HuntPoor Papa (film)Pop Century Resort, Disney’sPop Warner FootballPop-Up Disney! A Mickey CelebrationPope, OwenPopeye (film)Popular (television)Port of EntryPort Orleans ResortPorter, HankPortobelloPortobello RoadPortraits of Canada (film)Portugal (film)Portuguese Reading FilmPosh PetsPositively MinniePosledny bogatyr: Koren’ zla (The Last Warrior: Root of Evil) (film)Posledny bogatyr: Poslannik t’my (The Last Warrior: A Messenger of Darkness) (film)
Postlethwaite, PetePotrock, KenPotter, William E. (“Joe”)Powder (film)Power Rangers (television)Power SuppliesPowers, MalaPowers, StefaniePractical Pig, The (film)Prairie Outpost SupplyPrairie/Seal Island (television)Pratt, ChrisPratt, JudsonPre-Opening Report from Disneyland, APreacher’s Wife, The (film)Predators of the Desert (film)Prefontaine (film)Prejudice: Hatred or Ignorance (film)Premier Cri, Le (First Cry, The) (film)Prep & Landing, Lanny and Wayne the Christmas Elves in (television)Prep & Landing: Naughty vs. Nice (television)Prep & Landing: Operation Secret Santa (television)Prescot Press (television)Present for Donald, A (television)Presidential Medal of FreedomPressler, PaulPrestige, The (film)Presto (film)Pretty Irish GirlPretty Little Liars (television)Pretty Woman (film)Prevention and Control of Distortion in Arc Welding (film)Preview CenterPrice, Harrison “Buzz”Price, VincentPride & Joy (television)Priestley, JasonPrima, LouisPrimeval (film)Primeval WhirlPrimeval WorldPrimitive Pluto (film)PrimoPrimo PiattoPrincePrince AliPrince and the Pauper, The (film)Prince and the Pauper, The (television)Prince CharmingPrince Charming Regal CarrouselPrince EricPrince JohnPrince of Persia: The Sands of Time (film)Prince PhillipPrincess and the Frog, The (film)Princess AnnaPrincess AuroraPrincess Diaries 2: Royal Engagement, The (film)Princess Diaries, The (film)Princess ElsaPrincess Fairytale HallPrincess Fantasy FairePrincess of Thieves (television)Princess Protection Program (television)Principal Takes a Holiday (television)Pringle of ScotlandPrivate Pluto (film)Private Practice (television)Professor Barnaby Owl’s Photographic Art StudioProfessor OwlProfessor Porter’s Trading PostProgram, The (film)Progress Report, A/Nature’s Half Acre (television)Project Florida (film)Project Tomorrow: Inventing the Wonders of the FutureProject, The (film)Prom (film)Promised Land, The (television)Prop CultureProperty Rights and Pollution (film)Proposal, The (film)Prosky, RobertProspect StudiosProtector, The (television)Proud Bird from Shanghai, The (television)Proud Family Movie, The (television)Proud Family, The (television)Provine, DorothyProvost, JonProwlers of the Everglades (film)Pryce, JonathanPryor, MowavaPSPPuddles (film)Pueblo Pluto (film)Pueblo Trading PostPuffin BakeryPuffin’s RoostPullman, BillPumbaaPuppet Masters, Robert A. Heinlein’s The (film)Puppy Dog PalsPuppy Love (film)Purl (film)Purloined Pup, The (film)Push, Nevada (television)Puss in Boots (film)Puss-Cafe (film)Put-Put Troubles (film)Pyle, DenverPyromaniac’s Love Story, A (film)