Pretty Woman (film)

Pretty Woman (film) Corporate mogul Edward Lewis finds himself in Los Angeles and needing a female companion for some business get-togethers. When a chance encounter with a prostitute, Vivian, brings them together, Edward offers her the job for a week, promising a $3,000 fee. His friendly takeover of her life introduces Vivian to a fantasy world of power and privilege, and thanks to Edward’s extravagance, her natural charm and grace emerge. Edward is soon captivated by his prize Cinderella, and romance comes out of what was a purely business arrangement. Released on March 23, 1990. Directed by Garry Marshall. A Touchstone film. 119 min. Stars Richard Gere (Edward Lewis), Julia Roberts (Vivian Ward), Ralph Bellamy (James Morse), Jason Alexander (Philip Stuckey), Hector Elizondo (hotel manager). Filmed at various locations around Los Angeles. Released on video in 1990.