Play It to the Bone (film)

Play It to the Bone (film) Best friends and professional boxing rivals Vince Boudreau and Caesar Dominguez have not worked in years. Finally, from out of the blue, they get the chance of a lifetime: an assignment to work together in Las Vegas. The job promises big money, but there’s a hitch: they have to be there immediately. They quickly hit the road with Grace Pasic at the wheel, embarking on a circuitous route through the sizzling desert. Sparks fly as the competitive Vince and Caesar antagonize each other to a frenzy matched only by Grace’s own combative temper. The going gets rougher when they pick up a sultry hitchhiker, Lia, whose presence throws the trio into further upheaval. A riotous race ensues as Vince and Caesar scramble to make it to Vegas for their big showdown. A Touchstone Picture. Released on December 25, 1999, in Los Angeles, and elsewhere on January 21, 2000. Directed by Ron Shelton. Stars Woody Harrelson (Vince Boudreau), Antonio Banderas (Caesar Dominguez), Lolita Davidovich (Grace Pasic), Lucy Liu (Lia). 125 min. Filmed in CinemaScope. Released on video in 2000.