Private Practice (television)

Private Practice (television) ABC television series debuting on September 26, 2007, and ending January 22, 2013. This spinoff from Grey’s Anatomy sees Addison Forbes Montgomery, the renowned neonatal surgeon, moving to Los Angeles and reuniting with recently-divorced friends from medical school at their chic, co-op Oceanside Wellness Center in Santa Monica. There, the doctors are dedicated pros; it’s their private lives that need a little practice. Stars Kate Walsh (Addison Forbes Montgomery), Amy Brenneman (Dr. Violet Turner), Tim Daly (Dr. Peter Wilder), Taye Diggs (Dr. Sam Bennett), Audra McDonald (Dr. Naomi Bennett), Paul Adelstein (Dr. Cooper Freedman), KaDee Strickland (Dr. Charlotte King), Chris Lowell (William “Dell” Parker). From ABC Studios and the Mark Gordon Co.