Pennsylvania Miners’ Story, The (television)

Pennsylvania Miners’ Story, The (television) Two-hour television movie; aired on ABC on November 24, 2002. Based on the summer 2002 rescue of nine coal miners at Quecreek mine, after they had been trapped for 77 hours underground. Directed by David Frankel. Stars Graham Beckel (Randy Fogle), Michael Bowen (Robert Pugh), Tom Bower (John Unger), Dylan Bruno (Blaine Mayhugh), Brad Greenquist (Ronald Hileman), Robert Knepper (Moe Popernack), William Mapother (John Phillippi), John Ratzenberger (Tom Foy), John David Souther (Dennis Hall). Produced by Touchstone Television in association with The Sanitsky Company. Filmed in Valencia, California, and on location in Somerset County, Pennsylvania. Released on video in 2003.