Principal Takes a Holiday (television)

Principal Takes a Holiday (television) Two-hour television movie; aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on January 4, 1998. A notorious high school prankster, John Scaduto, has to make it through his senior year without any demerits in order to claim a $10,000 inheritance. So he engineers his first prank of the year, and recruits a scruffy, unconventional drifter, Franklin Fitz, to pose as a substitute principal of the conservative private school in order to obtain access to the school’s computer records and remove the demerits. Directed by Robert King. Stars Kevin Nealon (Franklin Fitz), Zachery Ty Bryan (John Scaduto), Jessica Steen (Celia Shine), Rashaan H. Nall (Peter Heath), Kurt Fuller (Principal Hockenberry). Point Grey High School in Vancouver, British Columbia, doubled for the film’s fictitious Patton High.