Pixel Perfect (television)

Pixel Perfect (television) A Disney Channel Original Movie, premiering on January 16, 2004. Techno-wiz Roscoe sees his friend Samantha’s band, the Zettabytes, floundering because they don’t have the right image, so he uses computer technology designed by his dad to craft singer Loretta Modern—a perfect rockin’ hologram who fronts the band and makes it an overnight success. But Roscoe’s good deed backfires when Samantha starts to feel like an outsider in the group. Meanwhile Loretta has the world at her feet but knows it doesn’t compare to being “real.” At the height of the Zettabytes’ success, Roscoe struggles with newfound feelings for Samantha, a lack of nurturing from his father, and Loretta’s quest to become an individual. Directed by Mark A. Z. Dippé. Stars Ricky Ullman (Roscoe), Leah Pipes (Samantha), Spencer Redford (Loretta Modern), Chris Williams (Daryl Fibbs), Brett Cullen (Xander), Tania Gunadi (Cindy), Porscha Coleman (Rachel).