Passed Away (film)

Passed Away (film) During one long weekend, four grown children come together under the family roof for their 70-year-old father’s funeral. Each tries to cope with his or her personal failures and the family’s expectations. They find themselves confronting each other, past scandals, current secrets, a failing business, an unwed mother, and an illegal alien. Family friction and turmoil rule as the family prepares for the burial. Released on April 24, 1992. Directed by Charlie Peters. A Hollywood Pictures film. 96 min. Stars Bob Hoskins (Johnny Scanlan), Blair Brown (Amy Scanlan), Tim Curry (Boyd Pinter), Frances McDormand (Nora Scanlan), William Petersen (Frank Scanlan), Pamela Reed (Terry Scanlan), Peter Riegert (Peter Scanlan), Maureen Stapleton (Mary Scanlan), Nancy Travis (Cassie Slocombe), Jack Warden (Jack Scanlan). Filmed at various locations in the area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Released on video in 1992.