Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (film)

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit (film) This sequel has Deloris Van Cartier as a successful Las Vegas nightclub singer being asked by the nuns of St. Catherine’s Convent to lead a choir in an inner-city school in San Francisco. Having trouble with rowdy teenagers and shrinking budgets, the Sisters enlist Deloris to masquerade as Sister Mary Clarence and help save the school from being closed. She transforms her music class into a first-rate choir, and enters them in a Los Angeles choral competition where they go all out to win first prize. Released on December 10, 1993. Directed by Bill Duke. A Touchstone film. 107 min. Stars Whoopi Goldberg (Deloris), Kathy Najimy (Sister Mary Patrick), James Coburn (Mr. Crisp), Barnard Hughes (Father Maurice), Mary Wickes (Sister Mary Lazarus), Lauryn Hill (Rita Louise Watson). Two of the kids in the choir are played by David Kater and DeeDee Magno, who had been Mouseketeers on The Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club. Released on video in 1994.