Saga of Windwagon Smith, The (film)

Saga of Windwagon Smith, The (film) Special cartoon; released on March 16, 1961. Directed by Charles Nichols. Capt. Windwagon Smith rigs a Conestoga prairie wagon like a schooner with sails and tiller, and sweeps into a Kansas town where he meets the mayor’s lovely daughter, Molly, and falls in love. The townspeople are transfixed with Smith’s new form of transportation, and build a super windwagon only to have a hurricane sail it off, with the Captain and Molly aboard, into the skies never to be seen again—except when the sunset turns to gold: only then can they be seen. Look for Jasper and Horace Badun from One Hundred and One Dalmatians who put in an anonymous appearance. 13 min.