Swamp Fox, The (Episode 4): Day of Reckoning (television)

Swamp Fox, The (Episode 4): Day of Reckoning (television) Television show; aired on January 8, 1960. Directed by Louis King. Marion vows revenge on the man, Amos Briggs, who killed his nephew, Gabe, and in searching for him, helps the patriots acquire some needed quinine from the British. Later, a boy, Gwynn, attacks Marion, believing he was responsible for killing his family, when it was really Briggs. Gwynn kills Briggs and later saves Marion’s life. Stars Leslie Nielsen, John Sutton, Barbara Eiler, Henry Daniell, Rhys Williams, Slim Pickens, Hal Stalmaster. Stalmaster, who plays Gwynn, had starred as Johnny Tremain for Disney.