Scandalous John (film)

Scandalous John (film) In modern times, a rip-snorting, 79-year-old western rancher, with the prettiest granddaughter; ugliest horse; scrawniest herd; and puniest partner, a Mexican handyman; go on a cattle drive (of one cow) and do battle against a wealthy, land-grabbing industrialist. After an adventurous (and humorous) trek, à la Don Quixote, the rancher confronts the villain in a shootout that parallels the classic struggle of good and evil in the Old West. Released on June 22, 1971 (a rather limited release; it never played New York City). Directed by Robert Butler. Filmed in CinemaScope. 114 min. Stars Brian Keith (John McCanless), Alfonso Arau (Paco), Michele Carey (Amanda), Rick Lenz (Jimmy), Harry Morgan (Hector Pippin), Simon Oakland (Whitaker), Bill Williams (Sheriff Hart), John Ritter (Wendell). The film was based on the book by Richard Gardner. Rod McKuen composed the musical score and sang the theme song, “Pastures Green,” which interprets the hero’s love of open land. Location scenes were filmed in Alamogordo, White Sands National Monument, and near Las Cruces, New Mexico; at the western town of Old Tucson, Arizona; and along the 10-mile route of an 1880-period train from Hill City to Keystone, South Dakota. Released on video in 1986.