Stranger Among Us, A (film)

Stranger Among Us, A (film) Emily Eden is a New York City police detective absorbed by her career and emotionally detached from the violence she sees in daily life. Her routine investigation of a missing person report develops into a complex undercover murder case in the Hassidic Jewish community. She meets Ariel, a spiritual young man destined to be the community’s next rabbi, and learns from him the centuries-old Jewish traditions while the two of them struggle with their growing but forbidden feelings for one another. With Ariel’s help, Emily eventually solves the case of murder and diamond theft, and the two of them part ways—each with a better understanding of life and of their distinct worlds. Released on July 17, 1992. Directed by Sidney Lumet. A Hollywood Pictures film. 109 min. Stars Melanie Griffith (Emily Eden), Eric Thal (Ariel). Filmed on location in New York. Released on video in 1993.