Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, The (film)

Story of Robin Hood and His Merrie Men, The (film) When King Richard the Lionhearted leaves England for the Crusades, his evil brother, Prince John, conspires for the throne with the Sheriff of Nottingham. But loyal Robin Hood and his followers defy them with the aid of Maid Marian, ward of King Richard, raising the ransom when the King is held prisoner in Germany. When Richard returns, he rewards Robin by making him earl of Locksley and giving him the hand of Maid Marian in marriage. Released on June 26, 1952. Directed by Ken Annakin. 84 min. Stars Richard Todd as Robin, Joan Rice as Maid Marian, Peter Finch as the Sheriff, Hubert Gregg as Prince John, and Patrick Barr as King Richard. The second Disney fully live-action feature, produced at Denham Studios in England with blocked funds that Walt Disney had been unable to get out of the country. Early plans had called for the film to be cast with actors from Treasure Island, including Bobby Driscoll as a member of Robin’s band and Robert Newton as Friar Tuck. Released on video in 1987 and 1992. See also Robin Hood (the title of the 1973 animated film).