Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale (film)

Squanto: A Warrior’s Tale (film) Cultures collide when English explorers and traders sail to the New World and encounter the friendly native peoples of the land. But the wayfarers violate the Indians’ trust by abducting two braves—Squanto and Epenow—whom they intend to take back to England to display as exotic examples of primitive life. Driven by a passion for freedom, Squanto makes a dramatic escape and, against nearly impossible odds, survives a long and perilous journey back to his homeland. Upon his return, however, he discovers that everything has changed during his absence—his noble tribe has been wiped out by disease and the Mayflower pilgrims have settled into what little remains of Squanto’s village. Squanto must summon all he has learned over the course of his travels about goodwill and understanding if he is to survive. And the colonists, unprepared for the struggle they face, must learn to trust Squanto, the only man who can help them survive and broker a peace that will enable them to coexist with the Indians. Released on October 28, 1994. Directed by Xavier Koller. 102 min. Stars Adam Beach (Squanto), Michael Gambon (Sir George), Nathaniel Parker (Thomas Dormer), Mandy Patinkin (Brother Daniel). Beach is one of the first Native American actors to have the lead in a major motion picture. Filmed on location in Canada, primarily at the restored Fortress of Louisbourg and elsewhere in Nova Scotia and in Quebec. Released on video in 1995.