Summer of Sam (film)

Summer of Sam (film) During the summer of 1977, the serial killer dubbed the Son of Sam begins terrorizing New York City. With the media playing an integral role in creating mass fear and paranoia, the whole city becomes a hotbed of trepidation and panic. As the vicious murderer, preying on young women, stalks his way through the Italian-American section of the Bronx, a 32-year-old thug, Joey T., and his gang of flunkies begin a witch hunt for the murderer, obsessed with the idea that he is someone from “the neighborhood.” Directed by Spike Lee. Released on July 2, 1999. Stars John Leguizamo (Vinny), Adrien Brody (Ritchie), Jennifer Esposito (Ruby), Ben Gazzara (Luigi), Bebe Neuwirth (Gloria), Patti LuPone (Helen), Anthony LaPaglia (Petrocelli), Mira Sorvino (Dionna), Michael Rispoli (Joey T.). 142 min. Released on video in 1999.