Son of Flubber (film)

Son of Flubber (film) In this sequel to The Absent-Minded Professor, the unpredictable Ned Brainard continues his scientific ventures at Medfield College. The professor’s use of a Flubber by-product, his efforts in controlling the weather with “dry rain,” and his assistant’s discovery of Flubbergas result in a series of climactic incidents that add up to a hilarious finale. Released on January 18, 1963. Directed by Robert Stevenson in black and white. 102 min. Stars Fred MacMurray (Ned Brainard), Nancy Olson (Betsy), Keenan Wynn (Alonzo Hawk), Tommy Kirk (Biff Hawk), Elliott Reid (Shelby Ashton), Ed Wynn (A. J. Allen), and many others from the cast of The Absent-Minded Professor. Walt Disney’s grandson, Walter Elias Disney Miller, makes a short appearance as a baby in a television commercial. For the football game in the film, exterior shooting was prohibitive because of the special effects and trick shots involved in the sequence. So, a section of the stadium and a major part of the field were reproduced on one of Disney’s largest sound stages. It was exact in every detail, from the transplanted green sod and the goal posts to the cheering spectators and the enthusiastic cheerleaders. Since the team opposing Medfield College was composed of professional football players and not actors, they were surprised to be asked to play indoors. Released on video in 1984.