Spellbinder (television)

Spellbinder (television)  Polish-born Australian actors Zybch Trofimiuk and Gosia Piotrowska star as Paul Reynolds and Riana in this 26-episode Disney Channel series that began airing on February 5, 1996.  A mischievous student, Paul, involved in a prank, interacts with a solar eclipse, a strange electrical storm, and a mysterious magnetic field, and finds himself transported into another dimension.  Lost in this parallel world, he discovers people living in a time when the industrial revolution did not occur, exploited by a ruthless elite called Spellbinders.  With the help of the resourceful and strong-willed Riana, Paul attempts to outwit the Spellbinders and return to his world.  Also stars Brian Rooney (Alex), Michela Noonan (Katrina).