Snow Buddies (film)

Snow Buddies (film) Direct-to-video release on February 5, 2008. An unauthorized detour onto an ice cream truck lands the five talking puppies on the next plane to Alaska. Stranded in the small Arctic town of Ferntiuktuk, the pups are befriended by Shasta, a husky pup, and his owner, a boy named Adam. The boy has big dreams of becoming a sled dog racer and even his dad’s fears can’t stop him from entering the big race. If the Buddies can get him to the finish line they will be on their way home, so they turn to the wise old Husky hermit Talon for mentorship. Sure they can win with the former champion in their corner, the pups go into intensive training. But on the day of the race, they unexpectedly find themselves on their own. Unfamiliar terrain, harsh weather conditions, and dirty tricks from a rival musher teach the Buddies some valuable lessons about heart, friendship, and following your dreams. Directed by Robert Vince. Stars Dominic Scott Kay (Adam), John Kapelos (Jean George), Lise Simms (Meg), Mike Dopud (Joe), Richard Karn (Patrick), Molly Shannon (Molly), with the voices of Kris Kristofferson (Talon), Josh Flitter (Budderball), Henry Hodges (Mudbud), Liliana Mumy (Rosebud), Jimmy Bennett (Buddha), Skyler Gisondo (B-Dawg), Tom Everett Scott (Buddy), Dylan Sprouse (Shasta), Jim Belushi (Bernie). From Keystone Entertainment and Buena Vista Home Entertainment. Continues the Air Bud/Air Buddies franchise.