Silver Screen Partners

Silver Screen Partners A limited partnership formed to put up money for the production costs of films, with the investors recouping their investment from the gross amounts the films earned in all their markets and forms. The partners were guaranteed their principal back five years after a film’s initial theatrical release. There have been three offerings, all with shares priced as $500 per unit: Silver Screen Partners II began in January 1985, and raised $193 million. Its 28,000 investors put money into such films as The Color of Money, Down and Out in Beverly Hills, and Ruthless People. Silver Screen Partners III began in January 1987 and raised $300 million through 44,000 investors. Their films included Good Morning, Vietnam; Three Men and a Baby; Who Framed Roger Rabbit; and Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. Silver Screen Partners IV began in June 1988 and through 52,000 investors raised $400 million. Their films included The Good Mother, Beaches, Dead Poets Society, Turner & Hooch, and The Little Mermaid. (There was a Silver Screen Partners I, but it invested in HBO films, not in Disney.) The successor to Silver Screen Partners for Disney films was Touchwood Pacific Partners.