Scenes from a Mall (film)

Scenes from a Mall (film) A modern couple, she, Deborah, a successful psychologist who has recently written a best-selling book on marriage, and he, Nick, a high-powered sports lawyer, embark on their 16th wedding anniversary by going to the local mall for party supplies. Nick decides to put his wife’s modern mating theories to the test by revealing that he has just ended a six-month affair with a younger woman. Deborah, shocked and hostile, parries with some equally astonishing revelations of her own. The twin true confessions lead to a major verbal battle, until the underlying love the couple has for each other wins out. Released on February 22, 1991. Directed by Paul Mazursky. A Touchstone film. 87 min. Stars Bette Midler (Deborah), Woody Allen (Nick), Bill Irwin (Mime). Filmed on location at Stamford Town Center in Stamford, Connecticut, and at the Beverly Center in Los Angeles. A two-story reproduction of the Stamford mall was also created on a huge soundstage at Kaufman Astoria Studios in New York, since it was determined that it would be impossible to shoot the entire film in a mall that was open for business. Released on video in 1991.