Shaggy D.A., The (film)

Shaggy D.A., The (film) In this sequel to the hit film The Shaggy Dog, Wilby Daniels, his wife, and their son return from a vacation to find their home stripped bare by housebreakers. Angry, Wilby decides to run against the rascally incumbent district attorney, “Honest John” Slade, and he launches a fumbling campaign. When an ice cream man, who innocently bought a mysterious scarab ring from the thieves, recites the Latin inscription, Wilby once again turns into a shaggy dog. A mad chase ensues as everyone realizes the worth of the ring and searches for it, even through a huge stack of cherry pies. Slade confiscates the ring and sends Wilby to the pound, where the cunning dog masterminds a breakout. There are still more misadventures, but eventually “Honest John” and his slippery sidekick are brought to heel, and Wilby and his family adopt the gallant dogs from the pound who helped him to become district attorney. Released on Dec. 18, 1976. Directed by Robert Stevenson. 92 min. Stars Dean Jones (Wilby Daniels), Tim Conway (Tim), Suzanne Pleshette (Betty), Keenan Wynn (John Slade), Jo Anne Worley (in her motion picture debut as Katrinka), Dick Van Patten (Raymond), Shane Sinutko (Brian Daniels), Vic Tayback (Eddie Roschak). The film was suggested by The Hound of Florence by Felix Salten, author of Bambi. The song “The Shaggy D.A.,” written by Shane Tatum and Richard McKinley, was sung by Dean Jones. The amusing special effects were provided by Eustace Lycett, Art Cruickshank, and Danny Lee. Released on video in 1985.