Spy Hard (film)

Spy Hard (film)  Dick Steele, Agent WD-40, is lured back to active service by the Agency’s director as the only man who can stop the evil General Rancor.  Rancor, a malevolent madman presumed dead after losing two limbs in an explosive altercation with Steele fifteen years earlier, is alive.  He’s mad as hell–armless but still dangerous.  Steele joins forces with the mysterious and beautiful Agent 3.14 to thwart his old nemesis’s diabolical scheme for global power.  Together they elude Rancor’s henchmen, escape speeding vehicles, and evade kidnap attempts as they make their way to General Rancor’s lair.  A Hollywood Picture.  Directed by Rick Friedberg.  Released on May 24, 1996.  Stars Leslie Nielsen (Steele), Andy Griffith (Rancor), Nicollette Sheridan (Agent 3.14), Charles Durning (Director), John Ales (Kabul), Barry Bostwick (Coleman).  81 min.  Completely filmed in Los Angeles area locations.  Released on video in 1996.