Smart House (television)

Smart House (television) Two-hour Disney Channel original movie, airing first on June 26, 1999. Ben Cooper, a 13-year-old computer whiz, helps his widowed father win a computerized house named PAT (Personal Applied Technology) to take care of their every need. To prevent his father from dating, Ben tries programming PAT to become a surrogate mom, but things get wildly out of hand and PAT literally takes on a life of her own, becoming a very overbearing mom. As chaos ensues, Ben has to outsmart the house, realizing that a computer cannot take the place of a real person. Directed by LeVar Burton. Stars Katey Sagal (PAT), Ryan Merriman (Ben Cooper), Kevin Kliner (Nick Cooper), Jessica Steen (Sara Barnes), Katie Volding (Angie Cooper). Released on video in 2000.