Straight Talk (film)

Straight Talk (film) Shirlee Kenyon, a small-town dance instructor, gets fired because she spends more time counseling her customers than teaching them to dance. She heads to Chicago to make a fresh start and gets a job as the receptionist at the WNDY radio station. While looking for the coffee room on a break, she is mistakenly identified as the station’s new on-air radio psychologist. Her warm heart and common sense make her an instant celebrity, arousing the suspicions of news reporter Jack Russell, whose secret assignment is to woo her in order to discredit her in a newspaper exposé. The more Jack learns about Shirlee, the harder he falls for her charms and he ultimately yields to his integrity, falls in love, and gives up the story. Released on April 3, 1992. Directed by Barnet Kellman. A Hollywood Picture. 90 min. Stars Dolly Parton (Shirlee), James Woods (Jack), Griffin Dunne (Alan), Michael Madsen (Steve). Filmed on location in Chicago and its environs. Released on video in 1992.