Superdad (film)

Superdad (film) Successful lawyer Charlie McCready has big plans for his teenage daughter, Wendy: the right college, the right people, and Mr. Right for her perfect future. These plans do not include her current boyfriend, Bart. But the “generation gap” is happily closed when Charlie realizes his daughter will be happiest going to college with Bart and marrying him rather than going away to fashionable Huntington College with a stuffy law student or becoming engaged to the radical artist Klutch. Released in Los Angeles on December 14, 1973; general release on January 18, 1974. Directed by Vincent McEveety. 95 min. Stars Bob Crane (Charlie), Barbara Rush (Sue), Kurt Russell (Bart), Kathleen Cody (Wendy), Joe Flynn (Hershberger), B. Kirby, Jr. (Stanley Schlimmer), Joby Baker (Klutch), Dick Van Patten (Ira Kershaw), Nicholas Hammond (Roger Rhinehurst). The movie was filmed on the hills of San Francisco, along its famed Fisherman’s Wharf, across the bay among the houseboats of Waldo Point in picturesque Sausalito, and at the Wedge at Newport Beach and the area’s Back Bay. The church used for the wedding scene was the First Christian Church in Pasadena. The songs, written by Shane Tatum, are “These Are the Best Times,” sung by Bobby Goldsboro, “Los Angeles,” and “When I’m Near You.” The former has become a perennially popular song for weddings, since it was used in the film’s wedding scene. Released on video in 1985.