Snow (television)

Snow (television) A two-hour ABC Family original movie; premiered on December 12, 2004. In a reinvention of the Santa Claus myth, Nick Snowden reluctantly takes over the family business. But, with only three days before the big night, one of Nick’s young reindeer is captured by a hunter and taken to a zoo. Not only must Nick rescue the reindeer in time to complete his Christmas deliveries, he must do it before the young buck learns to fly and the zoo realizes what it has. In the course of his adventures, Nick touches the lives of those at a boarding house, including Sandy, who works at the zoo and has lost heart during the holidays since the death of her parents, and eight-year-old Hector, who lives there with his mom. Nick tries to bring back the spirit of Christmas they lost long ago. Directed by Alex Zamm. Stars Tom Cavanagh (Nick Snowden), Ashley Williams (Sandy), Patrick Fabian (Buck Seger), Bobb’e J. Thompson (Hector).