Shoot to Kill (film)

Shoot to Kill (film) FBI agent Warren Stantin is in pursuit of a ruthless murderer/extortionist who is fleeing the country by posing as one of a group of fishermen on a trek through the mountains near the Canadian border. In order to track his man in the rugged wilderness, Stantin teams up with Jonathan Knox, the loner partner/boyfriend of the fishermen’s guide, Sarah. Knox is angry about being saddled with a tenderfoot whose inexperience in the wild might keep him from reaching Sarah until it is too late, but he and Stantin gradually come to rely on each other. The pursuit continues to Vancouver, but here Stantin is on his turf and takes the lead in an exciting chase and climax. Released on February 12, 1988. Directed by Roger Spottiswoode. A Touchstone film. 106 min. Stars Sidney Poitier (Warren Stantin), Tom Berenger (Jonathan Knox), Kirstie Alley (Sarah). Filmed primarily in Vancouver, British Columbia and its environs. Released on video in 1988.