Sixth Man, The (film)

Sixth Man, The (film)  Just as college basketball star Antoine Tyler is about to realize his dream of making it to the NCAA Championships, he dies, leaving his brother Kenny to lead the Washington Huskies to victory.  Heartbroken, scared, and lonely, Kenny loses his drive to win until Antoine’s ghost appears, determined to take his team all the way.  Kenny finds his self-confidence and comes to realize he must ask “The Sixth Man” to leave the team so he and his teammates can play fair and square.  A Mandeville Films Production from Touchstone Pictures.  Directed by Randall Miller.  Released on March 28, 1997.  Stars Marlon Wayans (Kenny Tyler), Kadeem Hardison (Antoine Tyler), Kevin Dunn (Mikulski), Michael Michele (R.C. St. John), David Paymer (Gunnar Peterson).  108 min.  Filming took place at the University of Washington, and at locations in Seattle and Vancouver.   Released on video in 1997.