Stakeout (film)

Stakeout (film) Seattle detectives Chris Lecce and Bill Reimers pull an unwanted assignment—the nightshift stakeout of the home of an ex-girlfriend of a vicious escaped convict. Lecce becomes smitten by the object of their stakeout, Maria McGuire, and soon is bending rules and having dinner with her. Eventually the convict arrives, kidnaps Lecce and McGuire, and sets off a frantic chase. Released on August 5, 1987. Directed by John Badham. A Touchstone film. 117 min. Stars Richard Dreyfuss (Chris Lecce), Emilio Estevez (Bill Reimers), Madeleine Stowe (Maria McGuire), Aidan Quinn (Richard “Stick” Mongomery). Filmed in and around Vancouver, British Columbia. Released on video in 1988. Another Stakeout was a sequel.