Stephen King’s Desperation (television)

Stephen King’s Desperation (television) Three-hour television movie, airing on ABC on May 23, 2006. From Sennet/Gernstein Entertainment in association with Touchstone Television. Visitors to the town of Desperation, Nevada, are jailed by a sinister sheriff, only to find that everyone in the area has suddenly died. A small group has to discover what has been killing them, and what can be done to stop it. It is a child, David, who, with the help of some friendly ghosts, discovers how the group can conquer the evil that is bubbling out of the town’s recently opened mines. Directed by Mick Garris. Stars Tom Skerritt (Johnny Marinville), Steven Weber (Steve Ames), Annabeth Gish (Mary Jackson), Charles Durning (Tom Billingsley), Matt Frewer (Ralph Carver), Henry Thomas (Peter Jackson), Shane Haboucha (David Carver), Ron Perlman (Collie Entragian).