Simple Twist of Fate, A (film)

Simple Twist of Fate, A (film) Cabinetmaker Michael McCann has withdrawn from society to lead a solitary, unencumbered life, but one fateful winter’s night, the beguiling baby daughter of a young mother who has died in the snow wanders into Michael’s secluded cabin. As a result, his life changes forever. A strong attachment develops between the man and the girl, and he legally adopts her, naming her Mathilda McCann. Together, they begin life anew, thriving on mutual devotion. But, unknown to Michael, his daughter’s biological father is a local politician who observes the girl’s progress from a distance, while making plans of his own for the child’s future. When he eventually comes forth and demands custody, a bitter controversy ensues. Released on September 2, 1994. Directed by Gillies MacKinnon. A Touchstone film. 106 min. Stars Steve Martin (Michael McCann), Gabriel Byrne (John Newland), Catherine O’Hara (Mrs. Simon), Stephen Baldwin (Tanny Newland). Written by Steve Martin, who was inspired by the nineteenth-century novel Silas Marner, by George Eliot. Filmed on location in the area of Atlanta, Georgia. Released on video in 1995.