Stamps The first Disney postage stamp was a 6-cent commemorative issued by the United States to honor Walt Disney on September 11, 1968. The stamp featured children from all over the world streaming from the Disneyland castle, along with a portrait of Disney. Designers were Bob Moore (castle and children) and Paul Wenzel (portrait). The first-day ceremonies were held in Marceline, Missouri. It was followed in 1971 by a set of ten stamps from the tiny Republic of San Marino. After some unauthorized Disney stamps from Persian Gulf shiekdoms in the 1970s (legal proceedings eventually stopped their distribution), in 1979 the Inter-Governmental Philatelic Corp. in New York was licensed to use Disney characters on the stamps that they produced for a number of small countries around the world. This created a whole new stamp collecting subfield, with special albums, newsletters, and catalogs created for those interested in the Disney stamps.  In 2004, the U.S. Postal Service partnered with Disney for a series of “Art of Disney” Disney-themed 37¢ postage stamps. The first set of four sold more than 250 million stamps. Other sets followed.