Sounder (television)

Sounder (television) Two-hour television movie, aired on The Wonderful World of Disney on January 19, 2003. The classic story of an 11-year-old boy who grows into manhood while on a years long search for his beloved father, who has been sentenced to five years of hard labor for stealing a ham to help feed his family. The family includes a young coon dog puppy, Sounder, a loyal friend to the boy and an enthusiastic hunter. Directed by Kevin Hooks. Stars Carl Lumbly (Father), Suzzanne Douglass (Mother), Daniel Lee Robertson III (Boy), Paul Winfield (Teacher), Peter MacNeill (Sheriff), Bill Lake (Deputy). Hooks and Winfield starred in the original 1972 Oscar-nominated feature film from 20th Century Fox. Produced by Touchstone Television in association with Jaffe/Braunstein Films. Released on video in 2003.