Smith! (film)

Smith! (film) A rancher, Smith, who is trying to make a go of a small spread, sometimes aggravates his family with his lackadaisical ways and his friendship with the local Nez Perce Indians. When one of the Indians, Gabriel Jimmyboy, is falsely accused of murder, Smith comes to the rescue at the trial. The accused is freed and the Indians are grateful, coming to the Smith ranch to help with the cutting of the hay crop, and to train Smith’s son, Albie’s, prize Appaloosa. Released on March 21, 1969. Directed by Michael O’Herlihy. 102 min. Stars Glenn Ford (Smith), Nancy Olson (Norah), Dean Jagger (Judge), Chief Dan George (Ol’ Antoine), Keenan Wynn (Vince Heber), Warren Oates (Walter), Frank Ramirez (Gabriel Jimmyboy), Albie (Christopher Shea). Based on Breaking Smith’s Quarter Horse by Paul St. Pierre. The song “The Ballad of Smith and Gabriel Jimmyboy” was written by Bobby Russell. Released on video in 1987.