Shadow Conspiracy (film)

Shadow Conspiracy (film)  A trusted presidential adviser, Bobby Bishop, suddenly finds himself a murder suspect and his own life threatened by a ruthless professional killer.  He goes underground with a former girlfriend and ace reporter, Amanda Givens, and uncovers a plot to assassinate the president, with conspirators including the vice president and the crafty chief of staff, who feel he has become too liberal.  A Hollywood Picture from Cinergi Pictures Entertainment.  Directed by George P. Cosmatos.  Released on January 31, 1997, after earlier releases in Europe and Asia (December 20, 1996, in Taiwan).  Stars Charlie Sheen (Bobby Bishop), Sam Waterston (President), Linda Hamilton (Amanda Givens), Stephen Lang (the Agent), Donald Sutherland (Jake Conrad), Theodore Bikel (Yuri Pochenko), Ben Gazzara (Saxon).  Gore Vidal has a cameo role as a crooked Congressman.  103 min.  Filming took place, mostly at night, in Washington, D.C., as well as in Baltimore, Maryland, and Richmond, Virginia.  A total of 85 locations were utilized over 12 weeks of filming.  Filmed in CinemaScope.  Released on video in 1997.