Savage Sam (film)

Savage Sam (film) In this sequel to Old Yeller, Travis, now 18, and Arliss, 12, are alone at the homestead while their parents are away. Bud Searcy arrives with Lisbeth, his 16-year-old daughter, to announce the presence of marauding Indians in the vicinity while Arliss and his beloved dog, Savage Sam, a son of the famous hound dog, Old Yeller, are out hunting. Travis and Lisbeth locate him just as the Indians appear. The kids are taken prisoner and the Indians take off on their horses on the trek back to their distant village. Savage Sam, who had been knocked on the head by one of the braves and left for dead, now comes to life. It is he who leads Beck Coates, the boys’ uncle, and a party of men on the trail of the Indians. After a wild chase of several days duration, Savage Sam leads the rescue party to the campout of the warriors, and after a furious battle, Arliss, Travis, and Lisbeth are rescued. Released on June 1, 1963. Directed by Norman Tokar. 103 min. Stars Brian Keith (Uncle Beck), Tommy Kirk (Travis), Kevin Corcoran (Arliss), Dewey Martin (Lester White), Jeff York (Bud Searcy), Marta Kristen (Lisbeth Searcy). The film was based on Fred Gipson’s book, but was not as successful at the box office as its predecessor. Released on video in 1986.