Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, Disgust

11 Characters to Inspire Your Dapper Style

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Need a little inspiration for your next fashion phenomenon? D23 rounded up 11 Disney characters who’s style is at their dapper best.

Roger and Anita

1. Roger and Anita, One Hundred and One Dalmatians
The couple that dresses well together, stays together—and no one is a sharper-dressed pair of puppy parents than Roger and Anita. Rocking cute vests, spiffy suits, and perfectly pressed button-downs, this couple makes dressing dapper an effortless part of everyday life.

Mary Poppins and Bert

2. Mary Poppins and Bert, Mary Poppins
Sometimes you need to save your dapperness for special occasions, like perhaps going on a Jolly Holiday and visiting a chalk pavement picture world. Bert and Mary pull out all the stops in their coordinating outfits, perfect for a day of carousel riding and fine dining.

Bowler Hat Guy

3. Bowler Hat Guy, Meet the Robinsons
Looking this good has never been so bad. Bowler Hat Guy is so dapper that his own name reflects his sense of fashion. His classic, all-black look is perfect for showing off your style, although your own bowler hat only needs to have secret flying and mind-control powers if you’re planning on pulling off nefarious schemes or hanging out with a T. rex.


4. Pinocchio, Pinocchio
Pinocchio had to work hard to become a real boy, but he was already real dapper from the start of his story. From the wooden puppet’s hat to his suspenders, Geppetto knew how Pinocchio should dress to impress. It’s no lie that he has a dapper look that no one can compete with.


5. Jane, Tarzan
Just because you’re out in the jungle doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be dressed to the nines! Jane manages multiple dapper outfits while out studying the animals of the jungle, rocking both a gorgeous yellow dress and a more exploration-appropriate shirt-and-skirt combo.

Dreamfinder and Figment

6. Dreamfinder, Journey into Imagination
When it comes to dressing dapper, the only limit is your imagination! Just ask the Dreamfinder, decked out in a top hat and waistcoat in brilliant blue, looking fantastic for every flight of fancy. Emulating his look will make you a dapper dream (purple talking dragon optional)!

Donald Duck and José Carioca

7. José Carioca, Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballeros
When it comes to the fashion of the Three Cabelleros, everyone remembers Donald’s classic sailor suit ensemble, of course, but the real fashion star of the trio is a certain Brazilian parrot. With his all-yellow suit-and-hat combo and his trusty umbrella, Jose is ready to Samba!

Peggy Carter

8. Peggy Carter, Agent Carter
If there’s one character with dapper style that you’ll be marveling at, it’s the genuine 1940s style of Peggy Carter. Whether she’s in uniform or rocking a snazzy coat and hat in Captain America colors, Ms. Carter has the style that leaves everyone staring.

Ellie and Carl

9. Ellie and Carl, Up
Dapper style has no age—just ask Ellie and Carl from Up! As young adults, they coordinate their ensembles with matching suits and dresses, and they keep up that style as the years go by. Don’t forget about Carl’s fabulous collection of ties, either. Together, they’re the couple that made us believe in true love and true fashion.

Miss Bianca

10. Miss Bianca, The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under
Sometimes big fashion comes in small packages, and Miss Bianca from The Rescuers and The Rescuers Down Under is a perfect example. Whether she is rocking her purple shawl with her matching fur hat or her matching sun hat, Miss Bianca keeps herself looking dapper in even the most daring of situations. She proves that you can look classy no matter the direness of the situation.

Fear and Disgust

11. Fear and Disgust, Inside Out
Inside Out’s colorful cohorts, Fear and Disgust, make us feel anything but that when we look at their outfits! In fact, we’re downright joyful as we admire Disgust’s darling green dress and purple scarf; and Fear certainly wasn’t afraid to make a bold statement in his sweater vest and tie. Who knew that something as abstract as emotion could dress so well?