walt in south america

Walt with Camera in South America

When Walt was invited to take a good will trip to South America in 1941, he wanted to make films so he took along some handpicked artists and handheld camera, with which he photographed the sights in 16 millimeter film. Walt’s actual coverage was used in Saludos Amigos (1942), the first feature to result from this south-of-the-border excursion.

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Rhythm & Rhyme art exhibit

Step Inside Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Latest Exhibit

By Courtney Potter

Inside the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, a gleaming white hallway and rotunda welcome the crew into a building where the likes of Frozen and Zootopia took shape. Since the building’s remodel in 2016, this particular space has been used to display artwork from an animated film currently in production… but right now—between the…

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6 Degrees of Walt Disney 2017

6 Degrees of Walt Disney—How The 2017 Oscar® Nominees Relate to Walt

By Nicole Nalty

From live-action films to animated features, Walt Disney was a giant in the film industry (did you know he won 32 Academy Awards®?), so it’s no surprise that even the stars of today can be connected to Mr. Disney. Take a look below and see how the 2017 Actor and Actress in a Leading Role nominees can be traced back to Walt, and make sure to watch…

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Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, Disgust

11 Characters to Inspire Your Dapper Style

By Jocelyn Buhlman

Need a little inspiration for your next fashion phenomenon? D23 rounded up 11 Disney characters who’s style is at their dapper best.

1. Roger and Anita, One Hundred and One Dalmatians
The couple that dresses well together, stays together—and no one is a sharper-dressed pair of puppy parents than Roger and Anita. Rocking cute vests,…

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South American Artists Shine in Scrapbook from Walt Disney’s Offices

One of the true treasure troves of the Walt Disney Archives collection is the cache of materials that was originally housed in Walt Disney’s office suite, found in the 3H wing of the Disney Studio’s original Animation building on the Burbank studio lot. The cataloguing of this collection by Disney Legend and Walt Disney Archives Chief Archivist Emeritus Dave Smith…

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Exploratory Art of Lee and Mary Blair

One of the most iconic art styles to have emerged from the ranks of Disney Studio artists over the years is undoubtedly that of the incomparable Mary Blair. Instantly recognizable in color and composition, Mary’s whimsical artwork has enchanted generations of Disney fans. Where Mary has an immensely important place in the pantheon of Disney history, some may not know…

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Scene from 16mm Disney film South of the Border

Disney Delivers South of the Border with Disney to Coordinator of InterAmerican Affairs

Saludos, amigos! It was on this day in 1942 that the 16 mm film South of the Border with Disney was delivered to the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs.
That’s my business, I can do that.
As Walt Disney once explained, “I was asked by the government to go to South America . . .  and I went down with a staff to see if I couldn’t make a film about the ABC countries…

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