Rhythm & Rhyme art exhibit

Step Inside Walt Disney Animation Studios’ Latest Exhibit

By Courtney Potter Inside the Walt Disney Animation Studios in Burbank, a gleaming white hallway and rotunda welcome the crew into a building where the likes of Frozen and Zootopia took shape. Since the building’s remodel in 2016, this particular space has been used to display artwork from an animated film currently in production… but …

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Mary Poppins, Pinocchio, Disgust

11 Characters to Inspire Your Dapper Style

By Jocelyn Buhlman Need a little inspiration for your next fashion phenomenon? D23 rounded up 11 Disney characters who’s style is at their dapper best. 1. Roger and Anita, One Hundred and One Dalmatians The couple that dresses well together, stays together—and no one is a sharper-dressed pair of puppy parents than Roger and Anita. Rocking …

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South American Artists Shine in Scrapbook from Walt Disney’s Offices

During the 1941 “Good Neighbor” trip Walt and his artists took to South America, the clan known as “El Grupo” received many a gift from the enchanted people they studied and learned from—Walt especially. One of the gifts Walt received during the trip was a scrapbook filled with original art from some of South America’s then-premier artists.

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