Get Early Access to the March Disney Treasures From the Vault, Limited Edition Pinocchio Plush, Amazon Exclusive

Access the March Disney Treasures From the Vault, Limited-Edition Pinocchio Plush Amazon Exclusive Plush

Disney Treasures From the Vault, Limited-Edition Pinocchio Plush Amazon Exclusive

Relive the magic of Disney with the Treasures From the Vault Plush. Inspired by Disney’s Pinocchio, the Limited-Edition Pinocchio is the third collectible character in this…

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5 Fantastic things

5 Fantastic Things to Watch This Weekend

By Zach Johnson

What in the worlds of Disney will you be watching this weekend? Our viewing plans include Disney My Music Story: Yoshiki, an original special coming to Disney+ Friday. That same day, the streaming service will also release a new episode of Marvel Studios’ WandaVision. On Saturday, celebrate the 17th anniversary of the film Miracle by streaming it…

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9 of Our Favorite Felines from Disney Animation

By Jocelyn Buhlman

On National Cat Day, we honor our favorite feline friends and the joy they’ve brought into our lives—and that includes the cartoon cats who’ve stolen our hearts. To celebrate the day’s feline festivities, we’ve rounded up nine animated Disney cats who deserve a round of a-paw-se for the joy and entertainment they’ve provided in their…

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disney animals quiz

QUIZ: Match a Disney Character to Its Real-Life Animal Counterpart

By the D23 Team

Celebrate 50 years of Earth Day with a Disney twist! Across the worlds of Disney, plenty of classic characters have captured our hearts—Pascal, Judy Hopps, Simba, and Crush, just to name a few! And those characters are inspired by important animals from our own planet Earth. As part of the celebration, we put together a fun quiz to see if you can…

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QUIZ: Can You Ace This Pinocchio Two Truths and a Lie-Inspired Trivia Quiz?

By Savannah Salazar

Eighty years ago, Walt Disney’s Pinocchio opened in theaters—dazzling audiences with innovative animation, infectious songs, and a whole new slew of lovable characters. One of those characters was a little puppet with a big dream and a knack for telling the occasional white lie, so in true Pinocchio fashion, we want to challenge you to a game…

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Star Light, Star Bright: Our Top 7 Disney Wishes

By Karina Schink

In honor of the live-action Aladdin premiering on May 24, we’re taking a look back at one of the hallmarks of a great Disney movie: wishes. Wishes have popped up in some Disney greats, from the classics to the new favorites. So, in preparation for a Diamond in the Rough getting his three, here’s a look back at some of our top Disney…

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walt disney pinocchio

Walt with Pinocchio Maquettes

The earliest known still photograph in color of Walt Disney, this photo was taken in the great showman’s office at the Hyperion Studio in 1939 during production of Pinocchio (1940).

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jiminy cricket artwork

Publicity art of Jiminy Cricket Portraying Pinocchio

In this whimsical publicity drawing—part of a series in which various Disney characters, including Donald Duck, costumed themselves as the little wooden boy—Pinocchio’s official conscience, Jiminy Cricket, eschews his customary top gentleman’s hat and jacket to don the puppet’s traditional Tyrolean ensemble.

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March Hare Mania Disney Songs

Test Your Disney Song Knowledge with Our Disney Track Trivia Quiz

By Jocelyn Buhlman

The March Hare Mania: #D23TrackBracket voting is now open, but after you help choose which Disney song reigns supreme, why not test your knowledge? We know that D23 fans are some of the biggest Disney fanatics out there, and our last Trivia Quiz had you asking for more! Are you ready to test your Disney song knowledge?

This campaign has ended….

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