Q: We obtained a copy of “The Story of Disneyland” on either July 20 or 21, 1955 on our visit to the Park in its first week of existence. During that visit, we encountered Mr. Disney and asked if he would autograph the brochure. He declined on the grounds that if he started that it could/would create problems with additional requests but said that if we would send the booklet to him at the Studio he would autograph it and return it. We did indeed send it, and it was returned with a personalized autograph. We’re interested in trying to authenticate the signature as Walt's own, since we understand that he did have licensed “forgers” who were allowed to sign in his “stead.” Any assistance you can provide will be greatly appreciated
Steve, Chocowinity, North Carolina
A: The same thing happened to me when I asked Walt for his autograph in the park. Unfortunately, the inscription on your item was not written by Walt Disney, but rather by one of the artists who was authorized to sign his name.