Disneyland pennant
David, Edmonton, Canada
A: There were many different pennants that were released at Disneyland in the mid to late 1950s; the first had a shield on the left picturing logos of the four realms of Disneyland.  In 1958 you could buy one by mail order for 48¢.  We have been unable to date the various versions.
Robert, Milford, New Jersey
A: N. N. Hill Brass Co. was a Disney licensee from 1933 to 1942; the Gong Bell Manufacturing Co. from 1956 to 1960. We have no specific information on how their toys were designed, but normally an artist from Disney’s New York office would be assigned to ensure that the character design was “on model,” but the manufacturer would handle the design of the toy itself.
Elizabeth, Torrance, California
A: We appreciate your offer, but the Walt Disney Archives already has copies of Little Man of Disneyland.
Felicia, Hardy, VA.
A: There were more than 100 different Disneykins (tiny Disney characters) produced by Louis Marx and Company under license from Disney. The sets of 34, which came together in a box, frequently turn up for sale on eBay, so you can check out prices there. Half a dozen sets are being offered as I write this.
Dennis, Buena Park, California
A: The reprint of the book is labeled “Originally published in a slightly different form by Simon & Schuster, Inc., in 1955.” Evidently some minor changes were made by the publisher.