Ting, Baltimore, Maryland
A: There is no archive at Walt Disney World, though there is a research center for cast members.  Contact the Walt Disney Archives at Disney.Archives@disney.com and they can provide more information.
Louise, Laguna Niguel, California
A: The only Donald Duck giveaway coin at Disneyland that I can think of was released during the park’s 45th anniversary celebration in 2000. There was a Character of the Month Collector’s Coin, and Donald Duck was in July. The coins sold for $12, or were free with a $50 purchase in the Disneyana Shop or the Disney Gallery.
James, Seattle, Washington
A: The New York Graphic Society was licensed from 1945 to 1949 to do full-color lithographic prints of scenes from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Bambi, and they did several from each picture. Purchasers could buy a 20 x 24 one for $4, a 15 x 18 one for $2, or a 10 x 12 one for $1.
Pat, Doraville, Georgia
A: The process is called lenticular printing. Several of the Cinderella lenticular prints from 2005 sold on eBay recently for $25 each. A sericel, on the other hand, is a cel made with a silk-screen process (i.e. not painted by hand).
Edmond, Oklahoma
A: I am unaware of one, and we do not have one in our large Disney coin collection in the Walt Disney Archives. Do you think your family might have been referring to a Figment pressed-penny?