A: I do not know the exact location of the plantation, but sources note that filming took place in Cabarita Beach, NSW, Australia. The film credits say Queensland, but I am unaware of the reason for this inconsistency.
Matt, Hudson, North Carolina
A: What Should I Do was a series of five educational films offering “possible solutions to common dilemmas children face as they learn to live together,” produced in 1969–70, and revised and updated in 1992. The titles are The Fight, The Game, The New Girl, Lunch Money, and The Project. Director was Les Clark and writer was Bill Berg. Other credits included Cliff Nordberg (animation), Ken O’Connor (art styling), George Bruns (music), Mel Leven (song) and Jim Love (film editor). Six additional films were added to the series in 1992—The Baseball Card, The Fight (different than the earlier title), The Game (also different), the Lunch Group, The Mural, and The Play. The films were never released theatrically.
John, San Diego, California
A: I am unaware of any such appearances, though Walt did filmed TV interviews with Fletcher Markle of the Canadian Broadcasting Co., and Bob Wright of KNBC (Los Angeles). Video or transcripts of scripts are available on the Internet.
Mickey Mouse Club Logo with Mickey Mouse
Leo, Santa Maria, California
A: No, there is no list of names. According to the TV show, anyone who watched the Mickey Mouse Club was officially a member. Membership cards and membership certificates were indeed a marketing promotion.
Ed, Adelaide, South Australia
A: The lyrics, by Mark Ray, are: “It’s a who what why where when and how day. Planet Mars and purple cow day. Holy mack’rel Mouseketeer day. Day for you and me. A how when where why what and who day. Shake a hand and how-dee-do day. Find the treasure in the cave day. Day for you to be. It’s a who what why where when and how day. Anything your mind allows day. Stand right up and take a bow day. Let the whole world see.”
Matthew, North Hollywood, California
A: Yes, Inside Outer Space, starring Ludwig Von Drake, which aired on Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color on February 13, 1963, used footage from Man in Space (approximately 9 minutes), Man and the Moon (13 minutes) and Mars and Beyond (14 minutes). Since those three shows had earlier been aired only in black and white, this was the first color television airing for the footage.