Janet, Cornville, Arizona
A: The Archives does not have complete production files on Sancho, the Homing Steer, but I refer you to William R. Koehler’s book, The Wonderful World of Disney Animals (1979), in which there is a chapter on that television show. Besides Koehler, the other animal trainer was Al Niemela.
Jason, Edmond, Oklahoma
A: Escapade in Florence was the television movie, aired in two parts, in 1962. It has never been released on DVD.
Austin, Ogden, Utah
A: You are thinking of Marsupilami, whose friend was Maurice, a gorilla. Maurice was indeed in a pink T-shirt. The animated shows aired back in 1993-’94. There were only 13 episodes—and were based on a European comic book character from the 1960s.
Bill, Veneta, Oregon
A: This film was also known as Born to Run, which was its TV title in the U.S. when it aired in 1979. It had been released theatrically in Australia and the U.K. as Harness Fever in 1977. We do not know who would have painted your artwork, but the film was produced in Australia, with David Copping credited as its art director.