Movie still showing title Disneyland '59 over shot of train
Stephen, El Paso, Texas
A: There is no indication in the production files for Victory Through Air Power, from which that animated segment was taken, of the scene you describe. The files only mention the plane being shot down.
Lizz, Coos Bay, Oregon
A: Bonkers was an animated television series that debuted on Disney Channel in 1993, and it was soon syndicated to other TV stations. In the show, Bonkers D. Bobcat is a wildly enthusiastic recruit for the Hollywood Police Department—Toon Division, working there with his gruff, streetwise human partner, Detective Lucky Piquel. There were a total of 65 episodes produced. I know of no plans for a future re-release.
Allen, San Francisco, California
A: Hayley did a television show entitled Disney Animation: The Illusion of Life in 1981, which was inspired by the book by Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston of the same title. She is shown how the animators pick the right actors for the right voices. I remember this episode well because Hayley filmed part of it in the Walt Disney Archives, relaxing between takes in my office.
Katie, Dallas, Georgia
A: This Disney Channel Original Film from 2004 has not been released on DVD. It is possible that it might be shown again, but I have not seen it on the schedule.
Michael, Chicago, Illinois
A: The sorcerer in the 60th birthday special had no name.