Mickey Mouse Club Logo with Mickey Mouse
Q: I used to have a certificate that listed me as an “Official Member of Mickey Mouse Club” dated 1959, but unfortunately it has gone missing over the years. I remember on the back were autographs of Jimmie Dodd, Cubby O’Brien, and Darlene Gillespie. As the story goes, the three MMC members made an appearance at a State Fair in either Santa Barbara or San Luis Obispo Counties. My parents took me to meet them (I was barely two years old) and evidently they had a table where a child could register and become a MMC member. My parents registered me and I got my certificate, a MMC badge/button and a pair of Mouse Ears. My question is, among the archives, is there a roster of the names of kids like me who signed up for the MMC or was that registration formality more of a marketing promotion for the show?
Leo, Santa Maria, California
A: No, there is no list of names. According to the TV show, anyone who watched the Mickey Mouse Club was officially a member. Membership cards and membership certificates were indeed a marketing promotion.
Dave Smith