Q: I am inquiring about a movie that aired on Disney Channel a number of years ago entitled Rip Girls. In the movie, a girl revisits her hometown after a long-lost relative bequeathed the family plantation to her. I was wondering where the scenes with the plantation were filmed. Is it an actual house or was it filmed on a set? If it was not a set, could you please provide an address or a specific location? In the film, the girl and her new friends also visited an abandoned plantation. Could you also inform of this filming location as well (physical address or was it a set)? I would like to design a similar looking house, and any information you could provide would be greatly appreciated.
A: I do not know the exact location of the plantation, but sources note that filming took place in Cabarita Beach, NSW, Australia. The film credits say Queensland, but I am unaware of the reason for this inconsistency.